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Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, February 6, 2015 - 09:30 to 17:00
CIEMAT. Avenida Complutense 40, 28040, Madrid, Spain. | Building 1, 2nd floor, room B.

Objectives of the meeting:

  1. Review of the progress of the different domains, WP and tasks.
  2. Action plan for the next 6 months of the different domains, WPs and tasks.
  3. Preparation of the April general meeting in combination with the OECD/NEA.
  4. Preparation of the 18th month report.

You can find the draft minutes of the meeting here.


Start End Speaker   Topic
9:30 9:50 E. Gonzalez Welcome, Introduction and Aproval of the Agenda.
9:50 9:50 Review of progress & Action plan for next 6 months.
9:50 9:55 E. Gonzalez Domain A  
9:55 10:05 E. Gonzalez WP1 Global coordination of nuclear data program and capabilities.
10:05 10:20 S. Leray WP2 Coordination of cross-cutting activities with programs beyond EURATOM in Horizon 2020.
10:20 10:45 O. Bacri + G.Sibbens WP3 Coordination of actions for the development of a network for nuclear target preparation and characterization.
10:45 10:55 Cofee break
10:55 11:15 A.Junghans WP4 Calls for proposals of Transnational Access to the consortium facilities and their evaluation.
11:15 11:20 A.Junghans Domain B  
11:20 11:25 A.Junghans WP5 Support to experiments at consortium facilities.
11:25 11:35 A.Junghans WP6 Scientific support of experiments.
11:35 11:55 E. Chiaveri WP7 Support to Neutrons For Science and the short path n_TOF experimental area equipment.
11:55 12:10 A. Plompen Domain C  
12:10 12:30 D. Cano WP8 Development and validation of new measurement capabilities and methodologies.
12:30 12:45 A. Koning WP9 Development and validation of new nuclear data evaluation and application capabilities.
12:45 13:00 A. Plompen WP10 Development of nuclear data for Myrrha reactor safety analyses.
13:00 14:15 Lunch
14:15 14:30 S. Leray WP11 Development of a methodology for uncertainty assessment and minimization in ADS target and accelerator safety analyses.
14:30 14:45 P. Leconte WP12 Development and validation of new integral experiments.
14:45 14:45 E. Gonzalez Domain D  
14:45 15:00 E. Gonzalez WP13 Management, education and training.
15:00 15:00 A. Plompen Preparation of the April general meeting in combination with the OECD/NEA.
15:00 16:00 R. Garbil (Teleconference) H2020 Euratom Nuclear Fission Update from the EC DG-RTD periodic reporting.
16:00 16:30 E. Gonzalez Preparation of the 18th month report.
16:30 17:00   A.O.B.  
17:00 17:00     Adjourn