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Final CHANDA Meeting

Monday, April 16, 2018 - 09:00 to Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 11:00
CIEMAT headquarters in “Avenida Complutense, 40. 28040 Madrid”

The Final General meeting  corresponded to April 16 and 17 and the final Governing Board meeting corresponding to April 18.

The meeting took place at the CIEMAT headquarters in “Avenida Complutense, 40. 28040 Madrid”.

The meeting was dedicated to review the main scientific and technical achievements, to identify the main conclusions from the project for the future, to review the administrative situation and the latest actions needed to properly close the project and to prepare the final technical and financial reports to the EC.

As in some previous occasions, JEFF has organized one their meetings as a side event to the CHANDA meeting.

The JEFF meeting took place from April 18th 9:00AM to April 20th 14:00AM. The JEFF meeting agenda can be obtained from NEA.

The detailed agenda for the CHANDA meeting was (click on the title to acces the presentations):

Start April 16th - General CHANDA meeting  
9:00 Welcome and Introduction E. Gonzalez
9:25 Domain B+ WP4+ WP5+WP6: Transnational Access to the consortium facilities A. Junghans
9:50 CHANDA supported experiment M. Osipenko
10:10 Summary  and status of WP7: Support to Neutrons For Science and the short path n_TOF experimental area equipment V.Vlachoudis
10:25 WP7: CERN-nTOF-EAR2 V.Vlachoudis
10:45 WP7: NFS X.Ledoux
11:05 Cofee break  
11:25 Domain C: Joint research activities A. Plompen
11:50 Challenging measurements of fission cross sections at n_TOF: new techniques and results. Nicola Colonna
12:10 Status of the planned experiments with the Medley setup at GANIL-NFS. Diego Tarrio
12:30 Lunch  
14:00 Development of a new method for normalizing fast neutron-induced fission cross section to the quasi-absolute, high accuracy, elastic (n,p) cross section Ludovic Matthieu
14:20 The neutron capture cross section of 235U with a Total Absorption Calorimeter and a fission tagging micromegas. E. Mendoza
14:40 Towards the determination of neutron capture cross sections of short-lived actinides with surrogate reactions Ricardo Pérez Sánchez
15:00 Technical improvements for neutron inelastic cross section measurements Alexandru Negret
15:20 Measurement gamma-ray angular distributions from natFe(n,n’ gamma)  at HZDR Arnd Junghans
15:40 Cofee break  
16:00 Feasibility tests of HPGe detectors at the CERN n_TOF facility Rosa Vlastou
16:20 Improvements on decay data methodologies: reactor decay-heat and delayed neutron fraction   José Luis Taín
16:40 Status of the Falstaff spectrometer development. Diane Doré
17:00 Measurements of fission yields and isomeric yield ratios at IGISOL Andreas Solders
17:20 Summary of WP8: Development and validation of new measurement capabilities and methodologies D.Cano-Ott
Start April 17th - General CHANDA meeting  
9:00 Domain A+WP1: Global coordination of nuclear data program and capabilities E. Gonzalez
9:20 WP2: Coordination of cross-cutting activities with programs beyond EURATOM in Horizon 2020 S. Leray
9:35 WP3: Coordination of the development of a network for nuclear target preparation and characterization G. Sibbens
10:15 Cofee break  
10:35 Introduction to WP11: Development of a methodology for uncertainty assessment and minimization in ADS target and accelerator safety analyses S.Leray
10:40 Task 11.1 Identification of critical parameters for the safety of MYRRHA and simulations with different codes A.Stankovskyi
11:00 Task 11.2 Analyses of samples irradiated at PSI for code validation D.Schumann
11:30 Task 11.2 Minimization of the uncertainties due to the physics models  and Task 11.3 Development of advanced experimental techniques providing more complete and accurate data on spallation reactions J.Benlliure
12:10 Task 11.5: Study of a methodology to quantify uncertainties linked to high-energy models G.Schnabel
12:40 WP11 - High Energy Conclusion S.Leray
13:00 Lunch  
14:30 WP10: Development of nuclear data for Myrrha reactor safety analyses P. Romajaro
15:00 WP9: Development and validation of new nuclear data evaluation and application capabilities A. Koning by VC
15:30 WP12: Development and validation of new integral experiments C. De Saint Jean
16:00 DMM + WP13: Management, education and training E. Gonzalez
16:30 Cofee break  
16:50 Final Reporting process E. Gonzalez
17:10 Proposal for EURATOM WP2018 NFRP-4 E. Gonzalez
17:25 Proposal for EURATOM WP2018 NFRP-7 Arnd Junhans
Start October 18th -Governing Board CHANDA meeting  
9:00 Welcome and Introduction fromn the GB Chairman N. Alamanos
9:10 Introduction and news from last GB meeting (Ammendment) E. Gonzalez
9:20 Final Report on the TAA activities of CHANDA (Deliverables/Milestones/…) A. Junghans
9:30 Domain C status and difficulties (Deliverables/Milestones/…) A. Plompen
9:45 Domain A status and difficulties (Deliverables/Milestones/…) E. Gonzalez
9:55 Domain M status and difficulties (Deliverables/Milestones/…) E. Gonzalez
10:05 Financial status and issues to close the project E. Gonzalez
10:30 Final reporting process E. Gonzalez
10:50 A.O.B. and Action plan E. Gonzalez